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Cross-platform smart solutions

Nowadays successful company operations require necessity of different communication channels support. Should it be access to internal data management and processing systems through regular, web and mobile media, should it be the necessity of use of various hardware pieces from different vendors - our experience proved our ability to satisfy the most complicated expectations of our counterparts. We provide solutions almost for any widely represented software platforms, providing state-of-art cross-binding and functionality performance:

    • Apple iOS/MacOS;
    • MS Windows (including .NET Framework) & MS Windows Mobile;
    • Android (both for Tablets and Smartphones);
    • Java platforms;
    • BSD family;
    • Linux family;
    • RIM Blackberry OS;

as well as various hardware architectures:

    • Mobile platforms;
    • Regular PC platforms;
    • Mainframes;
    • PLC;
    • Mixed architecture platforms;
    • Custom programmable hardware systems.

Our services can be provided on any stage of solutions development - from needs assessment, evaluation, technical task description, through development, customization, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting, and up till to comprehensive training and support.

We are capable of providing personalized and individually tailored services depending on your needs and abilities. Please contact us for further details or consult other sections of the SibarS Group of companies online resources.



Head office: SibarS Inc, Av.Barcelona 218B, 2-2, Terrassa, 08222, Barcelona, Spain For general inquiries: +34 6 222 622 12
Russian branch: SibarS Inc, Zemlyanoy val 7, office 215, 105064, Moscow, Russia For general inquiries: +7 499 502 34 08


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